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Beechbrae would like to hear your views about what you would like to see at Beechbrae Wood (just up the Heights Road) and how you would like it to develop. The woodland is for all of us and we want to make sure that our plans for the future reflect the interest of the whole community. Please share your thoughts here and then come to our community events on either Wednesday 30th September, 7:30pm OR Thursday 1st October, 11am @ the Craig Inn Centre.

If you would like more information about Beechbrae Wood and the Social Enterprise based there please visit our website www.beechbrae.co.uk or www.facebook.com/beechbraewood

This short survey will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. Anything you write here will be anonymous unless you choose to tell us your name.
* 1. Are you aware of Beechbrae Wood (up the Heights Road)? If so how did you find out about it?
Yes, I know about the wood because of...
2. Here are some of the things some people value about local woodland.  Please tick up to FIVE of these which are most important to you. 
Peace and Quiet
A place to walk the dog
A place to get some exercise outdoors
A place for young people to explore
A place to learn new skills
Fun activities to meet new people
Local produce
Fresh air
A place to see and engage with nature
Space to think
Somewhere to go for a run
None of the above
Other, please specify

* 3. Is there anything that Beechbrae should introduce to improve the woodland area?
Upgrade and improve grass/mud paths (to allow running, prams, wheelchairs etc)
Create seating areas along pathways in the wood
Put in gates to discourage motorbikes but allow walkers
Create a space for community food-growing (fruit, vegetables, polytunnel etc)
Create a wildlife pond & rain garden with seating areas in the wood
Plant native wildflowers under the trees (bluebells, wild garlic, primrose, comfrey, sorrel etc)
Host seasonal guided biodiversity walks pointing out wildlife in Beechbrae Wood
Other, please specify

* 4. How many times have you visited Beechbrae Wood in the last year?
Several times a week
Once a week
A few times a year
* 5. Beechbrae is considering widening/scraping back the current hardcore path & upgrading the main grass paths to hard core making them more accessible for everyone including wheelchairs and prams. Do you think this is necessary?
Don't know
* 6. How far from Beechbrae Wood do you live?
I live in Blackridge
5 Miles (Armadale, Whitburn)
10 -20 Miles
30+ Miles
7. What do you think the village of Blackridge needs to be a better place to live?
8. What is your gender?
* 9. What is your age?
0 to 18
18 to 24
25 to 34
35 to 44
45 to 54
55 to 64
65 to 74
75 or older
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